I don’t understand NFTs

I just don’t get it. I keep seeing these things on the internet and I don’t understand. It’s computer art? I don’t understand what the blockchain is. It is a ledger? So with all the advances happening in AI generated art what is the value of computer art to be an economic investment? It all makes no sense to me. I really like technology but some things are just over my head. I think I’ll stick to just markers and pencils and cash. Tangible things are much easier for me to understand. Here, let me show you the first drawing I did under the moniker of BlankBimbo. If you want to buy it I am going to try and set up an online store soon. I want to make prints and t-shirt designs. I want to make music and videos. I want to buy an abandoned mall and turn it into a surreal adult fun house like some cross between an escape room and interactive installation art. One day at a time though.

β™‘ Cloe

2 responses to “I don’t understand NFTs”

  1. NFTs absolutely baffle me as well. What’s to stop a person screen shotting a piece of digital art they like rather than paying silly money? Just a very odd concept to me

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